Thursday, August 27, 2015


Okay, everyone knows about the tragic shooting of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Truly a despicable act by a defective human being. It took no time for the liberal left to jump screaming onto the gun control band wagon. They truly have no shame and will make a political issue out of any tragic event. Lets look at a few facts. The current population of the United States is over 320,000,000 people. After first hand observation of human nature from 31 years in Law Enforcement, my conclusion is that approximately 10% of the population are, as I've said before, defective. This includes the totally worthless, albeit mostly harmless. However, about 1 in 1000 or so, are totally Bug Fucking Nuts. These are the violent criminals and sociopathic vermin that infest any human society. There is no reason, despite what the liberals would have you believe, for their behavior. They are just broken. The same is true for animals. (ask any breeder of anything) This leaves approximately 320,000 individuals on the streets in the US that you'd expect to be extremely dangerous. THE POLICE CANNOT PROTECT YOU! The police can only respond to incidents after the fact, Investigate and hope to bring the perpetrator to justice. The only people that police can deter are the sane. A suicidal madman doesn't CARE! Take for example a suicide bomber. This is the new suicide, go out and take innocents with you. Get famous, get on the news... Stand up like an adult and take responsibility for your own safety. Ever notice how the loudest proponents of gun control happen to have armed bodyguards...

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